Recent visit to Chennai, India for International Conference on Schizophrenia – ICONS 5

Recent visit to Chennai, India for International Conference on Schizophrenia – ICONS 5

I had the privilege to be sent by the office to attend the Fifth International Conference on Schizophrenia  (ICONS 5) in Chennai, India from 21-23 Sep 2012. 


It was a gathering of psychiatrist, neuroscientists, therapists, anthropologist, psychologists from India and around the world. Truly it has been an enriching experience for me, as a case manager, to be able to have a glimpse into the latest researches happening around world related to Schizophrenia.

I gave a short presentation to my colleagues when I came back to Singapore to share about what was inspiring for me. (Link to my slides if doesn’t show up)


First was Asst/Prof Tony Henderson from University of Western Australia research on how Youth responded to first episode psychosis and the importance of Resilience. How it is very helpful (if it’s true) in imparting that knowledge and skills to young people. 

Second, Asst/Prof Lawrence H. Yang (Assistant Professor of  Epidemiology) from Columbia University.. the Idea of Culture and Stigma.. the importance of taking into consideration that different cultures have different values to consider “a person”, and how illness/diseases can have impact on that core. 

Dr Mohan Agashe and Dr. Anand Nadkarni shared finally on the use of Media in our work. The difference between Text and Subtext.. the use of Images and Music to engage the audience. 

There are many more ideas shared during the conference. Looking forward to more conferences in future 🙂




Moses Hng






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