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What a wonderful performance!

What a wonderful performance! <<粉墨春秋>>

I am so glad that I went to watch 粉墨春秋 (Opera Warriors) by the Shan Xi (I think is 山西艺术职业学院华晋舞剧团) yesterday at Kallang Theater. I only wish I have bought a more expensive seats to be closer to the perfomers. 

All of them so professional.. Oh my god.. the music, the lights, the expressions.. each body movement.. their skills (splitting leg).. I laughed.. I teared…. It was such wonderful! I felt so satisfied after the show. 

Now, I have a new appreciation of Beijing Opera.



Photos from this site


Some of the media I found online. (I love the theme song).

More reports.



Moses Hng




Unrealistic Expectations I’ve Learnt About Life

Dear friends,

Below I share some Unrealistic Expectations I have noticed I have in my life. Unrealistic expectations bring unneeded disappointments in life. Hope you find it useful too. 


 #1: Life should be fair.

Life is not fair. For the lion cubs to be alive, some other animal will have to die to feed it?


#2: I must be happy all the time. Being unhappy is BAD.

Don’t have this belief that we must always be happy. Who told you that?

Being happy is not the only emotions in life, and there are more events, instances for us to experience unhappiness. Rather then chasing happines, learn to appreciate whatever emotions you have at THIS moment. 

Read about Mindfulness.  Emotions are like passing clouds, don’t hold on, and don’t chase after.

#3: Everyone should like me.

If you line up all the people in your life and I ask them, do you seriously think that they ALL like you? Is it possible? Do you like ALL expect of your parents, partner or friends? 

Don’t think so, It’s OK to not like certain expect of others.. so it’s not realistic to have the expectation that everyone should like you. 

 #4: I am special.

We are unique individuals, but … how special? Everyone think we are special, then its not that special. 


#5: Everything I want in life will happen. I don’t have to put in effort for it.

Yeah, Just WISH and PRAY for things to happen? I wish I have 6 pec, but if I don’t work out and watch my diet, it will not happen. We want that, we must pay the price. 

The thing about prayer.. do we pray for things because to suit our preferences, or hope we think Life SHOULD be? or are we praying to change our attitude to learn to accept situations? Something like, Job 1:21?


#6: People SHOULD understand me!

Do you understand other people? Thats how misunderstanding and lots of pain arises. How are you communicating? 


#7: Happiness (or other emotions) should/will last forever.


 #8: Things will be the same as it is permanently.

Nothing in life is forever. We grow old day by day.. Things are always changing.. Either growing older, bigger, weaker, stronger, slower or faster.. The only constant is change. 

Our emotions changes from one moment to one moment. 

The people in your life will not be there forever. Don’t wait till they are gone.. it will be too late. Tell your parents you love them already?


#9: Whatever I feel or think, must be true.

If i say “I will win lottery today” everyone will laugh and wish it happen. If i say “I will get into an accident today“, people usually say TOUCHWOOD! Won’t happen.. 

Please, know that your thoughts are always in our head.. but they are only thoughts!  There are no power to our thoughts unless we cannot let them go, and become “fused” with our thoughts. 

Instead of “I feel unworthy”, learn to recongise that “I have a THOUGHT, or a FEELING that say ‘I am unworthy”. Put some distant between YOU and your thoughts. This is what i learn in ACT


Please share with me if you have learnt otherr unrealistic expectations do you have about life? 



Moses Hng


Recent visit to Chennai, India for International Conference on Schizophrenia – ICONS 5

Recent visit to Chennai, India for International Conference on Schizophrenia – ICONS 5

I had the privilege to be sent by the office to attend the Fifth International Conference on Schizophrenia  (ICONS 5) in Chennai, India from 21-23 Sep 2012. 


It was a gathering of psychiatrist, neuroscientists, therapists, anthropologist, psychologists from India and around the world. Truly it has been an enriching experience for me, as a case manager, to be able to have a glimpse into the latest researches happening around world related to Schizophrenia.

I gave a short presentation to my colleagues when I came back to Singapore to share about what was inspiring for me. (Link to my slides if doesn’t show up)


First was Asst/Prof Tony Henderson from University of Western Australia research on how Youth responded to first episode psychosis and the importance of Resilience. How it is very helpful (if it’s true) in imparting that knowledge and skills to young people. 

Second, Asst/Prof Lawrence H. Yang (Assistant Professor of  Epidemiology) from Columbia University.. the Idea of Culture and Stigma.. the importance of taking into consideration that different cultures have different values to consider “a person”, and how illness/diseases can have impact on that core. 

Dr Mohan Agashe and Dr. Anand Nadkarni shared finally on the use of Media in our work. The difference between Text and Subtext.. the use of Images and Music to engage the audience. 

There are many more ideas shared during the conference. Looking forward to more conferences in future 🙂




Moses Hng





Celebrating Grandma’s 91st Birthday. Four generation together.

Grandma with her children.
Grandpa passed away at at young age, when my mum was 8years old. She single handedly raised her children by tapping rubber trees.


Grandma with most of her children. 
Eldest daughter passed away due to cancer. Eldest son working, unable to attend the birthday.

It’s amazing listening to Grandma tell her stories, her experience, her wisdom… I wish I can do a memoir for her, record all her memories. I hope, We, younger generations will not lost the appreciation for our Elders.

Moses Hng

Moment of Zen: I’m going on a Digital Fast.

Moment of Zen: Digital Fasting


I have just decided to once again, go on a Digital Fast (Fasting from the constant noise of information) for the remaining of this week (Tuesday till Friday night).
This is to centered myself as I'm getting way too connected

What will happen during my digital fast? 
  1. No social networks… No updating or reading from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Path, Google+, Grindr, 
  2. Will only use Internet for WORK, no random browsing. 
  3. I will still use Whatsapp or Google Chat though, to save SMS cost.. But will not be chatting on it. Those who really wanna get in touch, will find me
  4. Will use Email to keep in touch with friends from overseas. (email me).
  5. No using of internet at home (Ok.. scary)
  6. No TV or Movies. 
  7. Read books. 
  8. Going to meet people in real life. 
  9. Uni-Tasking
  10. More reflection, meditation. 

OK, see you!

Moses Hng
PS: I love my friends on various social networks.