Moment of Zen: I’m going on a Digital Fast.

Moment of Zen: Digital Fasting


I have just decided to once again, go on a Digital Fast (Fasting from the constant noise of information) for the remaining of this week (Tuesday till Friday night).
This is to centered myself as I'm getting way too connected

What will happen during my digital fast? 
  1. No social networks… No updating or reading from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Path, Google+, Grindr, 
  2. Will only use Internet for WORK, no random browsing. 
  3. I will still use Whatsapp or Google Chat though, to save SMS cost.. But will not be chatting on it. Those who really wanna get in touch, will find me
  4. Will use Email to keep in touch with friends from overseas. (email me).
  5. No using of internet at home (Ok.. scary)
  6. No TV or Movies. 
  7. Read books. 
  8. Going to meet people in real life. 
  9. Uni-Tasking
  10. More reflection, meditation. 

OK, see you!

Moses Hng
PS: I love my friends on various social networks. 

Public Announcement: #FreeStickyLady, Support Creativity. Save Humor.


Today "news of the day". Singapore artist famous for her stickers on traffic light has been arrested – facing vandalism charges. 

"Under Section 3 of the Vandalism Act, Chapter 341, a person who is convicted shall be punished with a fine not exceeding $2,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding to 3 years and shall be liable to caning subjected to the Criminal Procedure Code 2010."

Take a look at her work on her blog

Do you think she is evil and deserve to be punished? I think she is adding joy, humor to city life in Singapore. If Singapore can't handle this, wonder why they have Yale, an liberal art school here. I think she should just be fined a little bit and be released. 

Anyway, if you like to support her, please visit this petition page or this Facebook event. 

Tweets about her, #FreeStickyLady, is currently trending on Twitter (05 June 2012)

Moses Hng

How To Have Confidence? I think Faith.

From my journal

This morning I had an insight about the issue of Confidence. 

A friend told me that confidence comes from knowledge – The more you know, the more confidence you be.

I don't believe that Knowledge is the key to confidence. It does help… But, there are some people who doesn't know much, but yet they are confident. 

In fact, the lack of knowledge allows them to be confident. Knowing more stuff only makes you "feel" confident.. but is that really confidence?

I think Faith is the key to having confidence. From what I learnt in church, Faith is the substance for things hope for, things yet unseen.. Faith is like raw energy..The more Faith you have, the more able you can GO to achieve stuff. Faith is the raw material to create results.

Faith is always IN something. e.g Faith in Religion, in relationship, in yourself..

SO.. if you don't have faith, then you have nothing in yourself, and without faith in yourself, you got no confidence that you can achieve….

So, question here is.. Do we have faith?
I'm not talking about religion.. in fact, to believe in an unseen God.. you need Faith.. so Faith is more elementary, basic.. fundamental..

PS: As I'm thinking, all the above can be a form of knowledge..But not academic, current affair knowledge… Yes, "Certain Kind of Knowledge" can gives knowledge.

Just sharing.

Moses Hng. 

Refocus on: What I want in my life.



I want to be a psychologist, an expert in human behavior, a healer of hearts. To have my own private practice one day, to earn some money so I can start my own “Retreat Center”, a Bed & Breakfast in Thailand (or any beautiful island). 

I will do Pro-Bono counseling work, Teaching Mindfulness, impacting communities, touching lives. My Bed & Breakfast, or Small Resort will be a place of healing, an Oasis, for the tired minds, heavy hearts. 

I will teach, share my experiences with the young as I become a professor in a university, writing books. I will travel in Airstream Trailer, waking up in different beaches, landscapes as backdrop every morning. 


As of 26 April 2012. 


Moses Hng

Zen: Different clouds formations, both in external and internal world.

There are different types of cloud formations (

In our internal world, there are different types of mental formations. It could be feelings, thoughts, habits, urges..

Most out the time, we are in the clouds… In the experience of those clouds, in the mist.. Unable to see the sky.

By being mindfully aware of the types of clouds in your mind, you rise above the clouds, and see the real picture..

Now you can identify the feeling clouds of sadness, joy, anxiety, fear, hopefullness, boredom, impatience, satisfaction… There are also thoughts and behavior clouds.. Understand how they are form, like the clouds in external world..

Clouds come and goes, they move, what remains is the sky, simply watch them pass by, change shapes into rabbits.. Haha.. Don't hold on to them..

Let's practise together,
Moses Hng

Don’t live on Auto-Pilot anymore. Go on Manual Control! Watch out for Red Flags!

Don’t live on Auto-Pilot anymore. Go on Manual Control! Watch out for Red Flags!




This entry was inspired by a friend, CGL
We were jogging at a stadium, and after a few rounds, I would say to him “Cannot! Cannot! Can’t run anymore...”.


As I was catching my breathe, he told me physically I could have continue running, but mentally, you gave up. (In a way, he was saying I am weak in my mind).


Instead of getting upset, I kind of got “enlighten”.
Remember what I’ve always wrote about Mindfulness, acknowledging your thoughts, be watchful of your thoughts and beliefs. This is happening to me, and I didn’t even realize it.
I wanna share with you the insights I got.


Self-Preservation Auto-Pilot 
In our mind, there is this Self-Preservation Auto-Pilot, it’s programme since young, from past learning experiences to keep us from dangers. It works by sending “Red Flags” to us like, “Better don’t do it”, “It will not work”, “You are tired, take a rest”, “It’s too difficult for you”, “Let someone else do it”, “Your stamina is not as good”, “It will just be like the last time”..


First of all, it’s a flawed system.
Second, we are unaware of it! It just run in the background, it’s automatic.
Third, We automatically believe our thoughts as if it’s true!


This is a pervasive auto-pilot system that is in all aspect of our life! Fitness, Work, Love life.. etc.





Keeping Us Prisoners
With that “Auto-pilot” in place, we are constantly shepherd by our mind through the “Red Flags” to keep to our boundaries. It limits our abilities, and possibilities. We are kept within our “comfort (or really, discomfort) zone” We are fenced in!


Recognized It! Take on Manual control
From now on, be aware of those “Red flags” your Auto-pilot is sending you. Recognised that all of those red flags are historical, based on PAST learning and experiences… It is often flawed!  There’s a bigger pasture outside of the fence..


Take on Manual control.
Acknowledge those Red Flags.
Thank your mind for doing that to keep you safe (but it’s not working).
Create new Green Flags to overwrite the system.


Instead of “I’m tired, can’t run anymore”, say “I am tired, but I can still go on, even though I may run slower, I will not stop!“.




What do you THINK?

Moses Hng